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Welcome to Dishing out Plants, where we offer a variety of tasty and simple plant-based recipes that are sure to please the entire family. Our recipes not only nourish your body and mind but also support your journey towards a more plant-based lifestyle.

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Can You Eat The Skin of a Kiwi?

Can You Eat The Skin of a Kiwi?

Experience the Wholesome Delight: Kiwi Skins and Nutritional Wonders. Discover the hidden treasure within the kiwi – its skin! Packed with fiber, antioxidants, vitamins C and E, this fuzzy exterior adds exceptional benefits to your diet. Find out why both green and gold kiwi varieties, enjoyed with skin, fight free radicals, boost digestion, and promote well-being. Explore the art of washing, the secret to smoother textures, and how to make the most of this vibrant fruit. Enjoy the complete kiwi experience – from fuzzy skin to juicy core.

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We offer a range of articles focused on plant-based nutrition and diet, as well as sleep, exercise, and overall wellness. Our approach to these topics is holistic in nature, encompassing a deep understanding of the interplay between the physical body and the mind.

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